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Sitting Pretty: A Celebration of Black Dolls

ISBN 0805060979


Through her collection of black dolls, Dinah Johnson imparts a poetic message of pride and self-esteem. Dolls are playthings. Dolls are keepsakes. Dolls are magical. In elegant poems and striking photographs (by Myles Pinkney), dolls from around the United States and as far away as the Caribbean, Africa, and South America are brought together in celebration of the human spirit.


Dinah Johnson's poems--sometimes gentle and joyful, often bold and courageous--embrace the strength and imagination of many cultures. Eboni & Kiana, Sonia & Retta, and over thirty other dolls in this collection march proudly to their own voices and rhythms. Children and doll lovers of all ages will find beauty and inspiration in this extraordinary picture book.


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