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The Best of the Brownies' Book

ISBN 0195099419


This anthology of selections from the 24 issues of The Brownies' Book is as important and entertaining for today's young people as it was over 75 years ago. There are wonderful stories and poems by people such as Langston Hughes, who was a teenage contributor, and other writers and visual artists who addressed the intellects and spirits of African-American children and young adults. There are selections from "The Judge," a column written by Jessie Fauset that addressed all sorts of issues--parents, good behavior, friends, school work, and much more, and another column called "The Jury" that featured letters from young readers. There's even "The Grown-ups' Corner" with letters and comments from parents.


These lively and entertaining pieces paint a vivid picture of what life was like for young African Americans in the early 20th century and address issues that are still important to children of all races today. The Brownies' Book was created especially for African American children, but the editors wanted it "to teach Universal Love and Brotherhood for all little folk--black and brown and yellow and white." Isn't that what we want for our children today?


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